Junk Out

Junk Out for immediate assistance with abandoned units. We will assist you with removing various items, furniture, appliances, materials, junk that have no further use. These materials may be stored in a Self-Storage Space, extra office room, warehouse space, shipping containers or other better used spaces within the company. Also abandoned apartment units, Office Spaces, Warehouse rented space or Junk left on Private Property.

  1. Employees will be trained to follow set-up steps and procedures for collecting and combining all items to a collection point.
  2. When collection containers are near full call RS for a pick-up. Which will be within the next 3 days.
  3. Pick-up day your tech will prepare paper work with the driver/tech and retain his copies for your files. Then receive by mail the company proper destruction paper work to also be filed and used to show state agencies when requested.