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How much of your commercial waste is recyclable?
Commercial Metal Recycling near Houston, TX | Recycling Solutions

Commercial Recycling - Reuse

Help your commercial or industrial facility collect and recycle the top recyclable materials.

Commercial Plastic Recycling near Houston, TX | Recycling Solutions

Custom Recycling Program

Design and implement a custom sustainable recycling program to make sure your business or facility is getting the most from your recycling efforts.

Commercial Recycling Baler near Houston, TX | Recycling Solutions

Collection Equipment

Provide the right equipment you need to make your recycling program efficient and profitable.

Commercial and industrial recycling saves money and the environment

Recycling Solutions are your Houston area experts for designing and helping you implement a custom recycling program for your businesses or industrial facility. We've got the balers, compactors and roll-offs you need to collect your scrap cardboard, metal and plastics. Our turnkey recycling service can handle all your materials at a competitive price.

Business commitment to recycling is powerful for the community. However, a survey conducted by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) suggests that 66% of Americans would NOT recycle a product if it’s not easy or inconvenient to do so. Recycling Solutions  makes it easy and convenient for commercial and industrial facilities to recycle.

By applying our recycling process recommendations our customers achieve a sustainable recycling program and ongoing savings in their waste expense by reducing materials currently directed to their waste dumpster.

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