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Commercial Recycling Programs

Our goal is to divert any and all recyclable
materials from going to the landfill

Recycling Solutions partners with your business to create a sustainable recycling program that is designed to be easily implemented by defining the recyclable materials your facility generates, (possibly diverting materials from the landfill that are currently being disposed of) how the materials should be consolidated and schedule a hauling pickup routine that fits your needs. A sustainable recycling approach that helps save you time and money while improving the overall waste management process.

We believe that Recycling Solutions' performance and reasonable pricing provide us a competitive edge over our competition. At Recycling Solutions, we believe sustainability programs like ours are the coordination of years of experience in waste management and the recycling marketplace.


Recycling Solutions understands that every business and organization has its own unique circumstances and challenges, and our industry experts are here to ensure responsible and ongoing success in our recycling programs.

Recycling Solutions embraces programs to promote recycling.

Below are some of the recycling programs
that we can help with.


Collection and consolidation equipment – balers and compactors are available for sale or lease.


Cardboard and plastic film consolidation using a baler


Various plastic scrap pays fair market value and manages collection, consolidation and pick up of scrap materials.


Scrap metal pays competitive pricing per market index. We coordinate consolidation and collection equipment using hoppers, roll off boxes or end dump trailers. Our operations schedules the transportation of full containers.

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